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We firmly believe in the transformative potential of the arts to inspire, educate, and empower all creative minds. Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to offering a variety of classes designed to nurture creativity and foster a deep appreciation for the performing arts in every student.
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Unlock your Artistic Potential with Sarva Fine Arts! Our courses in Indian Classical Arts are designed for
Beginners to Advanced-level students.

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Experienced Gurus
Simplified Concepts
Regular Classes
Stage Performances
Grading Exam & University Affiliation

Embark on a rich artistic journey at Sarva Fine Arts, exploring and expressing creativity

Sarva Fine Arts boasts a team of highly experienced and skilled Gurus (instructors) who are experts in their respective fields of performing arts. These Gurus bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to their teaching, ensuring that students receive the best possible instruction. Their deep understanding of the performing art forms allows them to impart valuable insights and techniques to help students excel in Indian Classical Music and other art forms.

Discover the simplicity of learning with Simplified Concepts

Sarva Fine Arts takes pride in its approach to teaching, which focuses on simplifying complex concepts of performing arts.

The Gurus at Sarva Fine Arts are adept at breaking down intricate techniques and theories into easily understandable and concise components, fostering a deep appreciation and love for the art forms.

Consistency is the Key

Sarva Fine Arts offers regular online and offline classes that are structured and well-planned, providing students with a consistent and systematic learning experience. Regular classes ensure that students receive continuous guidance and support from their Gurus, allowing them to progress steadily in their learning journey. This regularity helps students progress steadily, while also instilling discipline, dedication, and a strong work ethic essential for success in the performing arts.

Embrace the spotlight confidently - every stage performance is your shining moment!

Joining Sarva Fine Arts means immersing yourself in a supportive community that nurtures your passion for dance and music. You'll have the chance to perform at a variety of events throughout the year, gaining valuable experience and building confidence with every stage appearance. We offer numerous opportunities for performers to showcase their talent and artistic expression on various stages across Singapore and around the world.

Elevate your skills with graded exams and university affiliation - your gateway to excellence

Sarva Fine Arts offers 8 grade level assessments for all courses of dance, vocal and instrument.
Affiliated to Annamallai University & Rabindra Bharati University.

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What People Say About Us !

Sarva Fine Arts

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harry stylesharry styles
09:49 18 Dec 23
I am a student learning bharatanatyam in Sarva Arts. I have really learnt a lot about the art form and it’s beauty. I really look forward to my dance classes as they are always very entertaining and I always learn something new before leaving my class!
Abhilasha AnandakumarAbhilasha Anandakumar
06:19 11 Dec 23
Very good Teachers and maintain professionalism. They provide methodological learning and exposure through various platforms. I and my daughter have been learning keyboard under Guru Shylu for more than a year and she takes us through her soulful music. She is a versatile artist and an epitome in the field of dance and music. I always feel, Goddess Saraswati resides in her!!
Madhumitha SelvamMadhumitha Selvam
16:36 10 Dec 23
Lovely environment to learn and unwind with bharathanatyam. Shylu ma'am is such a kind and encouraging guru. The culture and warmth I have felt during her classes feels good. She is such a great bharathanatyam guru~
shiva ranjanishiva ranjani
10:09 09 Dec 23
Teaching and motivation at the best :)
Aravinth snAravinth sn
04:49 09 Dec 23
srujana yenugulasrujana yenugula
02:11 26 Nov 23
I used to learn Bharatantyam during my schooling but discontinued for various reasons. In Singapire when I searched for a dance school, I came across Guru Shylu maam's school and I am so lucky to find that. I immediately enrolled my daughter. But after witnessing the teaching style of our Guru, I also joined the class. She is the best and the way she taught the students is wonderful. Sarva fine arts is the best for Bharatanatyam in Singapore. After learning from our Guru we were able to give stage performances too that to in Singapore. I am so happy. I highly recommend this school for Bharatanatyam..
Kasthuri GunasegaranKasthuri Gunasegaran
10:57 25 Nov 23
Sarva Fine Arts is a great place under the leadership of multitalented Guru Shylu, to learn how to dance Kathak, Bharatnatyam, other dances and music without being judged. Lessons held by Kathak Teacher Deepmala are fun and they changed my life by giving me the skills and confidence to dance. Sarva’s instructors are of top notch and they are extremely talented and helpful who teach people of all ages and skill. My daughter’s enthusiasm in learning Bharatnatyam can be seen her progress and involvement. Sarva has lots of group classes every week in many dance styles. Apart from learning, the school provides lots of opportunities to apply the skill through performances at many platforms around the year. Prices are very affordable and reasonable for the quality of the dance lessons.Thank you Sarva Fine Arts and team.
This school is a gem in Singapore, offering an extensive curriculum across various Indian classical art forms.What truly stands out is the faculty's expertise. The blend of traditional teaching with innovative methods caters to both beginners and advanced learners, a rare find in art schools today.The environment is just right for immersing oneself in the cultural richness of India. It's not just about learning an art form; it's about connecting with a heritage. This school understands and respects that, which makes it all the more special.
Harshitha ReddyHarshitha Reddy
10:14 22 Nov 23
I am a student of this school and i am extremely satisfied with the way of teaching. Also school enables the students to get certified at Grade level yearly. I am blessed with few opportunities to perform at public places which boosted my confidence. All the best!
We offer experienced instructors to teach you the essence of Indian Classical Music. All of our tutors are trained and experienced in our curriculum.

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